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Successful Olympic Logo Design

Inju Heo
Aug 17, 2016

Mexico68 Olympic Logo

In the midst of Rio 2016, YBYI Design looked back the past Olympic logo design history. There are many wonderful logos produced to promote the event reflecting the hosting country's cultural history and background. 

One of the most successful Olympic logo is Mexico68 designed by Lance Wyman. He went to Mexico City to participate in a competition to design the graphics for the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games. Winning this competition became a significant milestone in his career. His work of multidimensional integration of logos, typography and color, developed to communicate to a multilingual audience, was cited by Philip Meggs in the book "A History of Graphic Design" as " of the most successful in the evolution of visual identification...".

1968 Olympic Game Logo - Mexico68 designed by Lance Wyman

Kinetic Op-Art + Mexican Folk Art

The Mexico 1968 logotype reflects the traditional forms from the Mexican culture as well as being Sixties Op-art kinetic typography. It was designed by integrating the official five ring Olympic symbol into the number 68 to create a parallel line typography that suggested imagery found in Mexican preHispanic art and Mexican folk art. The logotype powerfully expressed a sense of place and culture and visually exclaimed the Games were in Mexico.

It is no doubt that graphic design became as an significant visual ambassador since the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games.

‍Mexico 1968 logotype
Inju Heo
Inju Heo is a principal & creative director of YBYI Design. She has over 17 years of experience in communication design. She has two master degrees in computer arts and communication design. She is the author of Computer Graphic Design Essential and co-author of Media Design. She also taught computer graphic design courses in colleges.

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